Income Wizard provides superior analytics and data for making decisions about the most suitable product(s) for a particular client’s needs. Using Income Wizard an advisor can scan all products available from all carriers.

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Income Wizard gathers annuity data from published information e.g. annuity prospectuses, fact sheets, sales literature and regulatory filings, among other sources. We use a combination of software tools and professional analysts to extract key information, do quality checks and upload to Income Wizard. We track changes to policies, update the information and keep a historical log of all changes..


Income Wizard uses GMI™ — the guaranteed monthly income — as the baseline for evaluating and comparing the performance of different annuities. Income Wizard calculates an annuity’s GMI given a client’s age, age at first purchase, sex, state and policy type (single/joint). Our analyses show that an annuity’s GMI is a consistent predictor of annuity performance over a wide range of ages and client requirements.


Income Wizard generates a number of reports detailing the features of selected annuity products, tables showing projected income over the lifespan of the prospect, scenarios of likely growth and implications for benefit base, withdrawals and contract value, and other data. These tables carry the advisor’s branding: name, company name, address, contact information, date produced and other details..


Income Wizard provides a full set of analytics to help advisors compare alternatives and helpthe client select the product(s) that is most suited to that particular client’s needs and risk profiles. Built-in analytics include projections of account value, changes in benefit base due to changes in account value and the implications for projected income. Additional analytics show the likely range of projected incomes depending on market conditions and product features

Put Income Wizard To Work

Optimize monthly income for a specified premium

Use Income Wizard to find which annuities provide the most monthly income for a specific client’s requirements.

"I have a newly retired client with a $660,000 pension at a Fortune 500 company. He mentioned that his monthly pension payment in another 5 years would be $2,300. He came to me inquiring about the potential to earn more income from his pension. His current cash value in the pension was $450,000. I plugged this into Income Wizard and found that he could have a GMI of almost $3,200/month, or almost a thousand dollars more than his company pension."

Optimize premium amount for a specified income

Use Income Wizard to find how to meet a client’s guaranteed monthly income needs with the least premium requirements.

"Clients of mine — husband is 60, wife’s 58 — came into an inheritance. They plan to take Social Security in 7 years, when husband is 67, but felt they needed at least $2,000 per month as guaranteed income. Using Income Wizard, we were able to find a policy that would give them $2,000 guaranteed for $280,000, substantially below other policies they had been quoted!" — An advisor

Analyze guaranteed income options easily with Income Wizard

Use Income Wizard in analyzing 1035 exchanges, IRA rollovers or other investment options with a single click.

"One of my clients had purchased an annuity in 2010, which guaranteed them 5% or approximately $1,250/month on a contract value of $300,000.00. They were planning to retire in three years and realized they needed $1,700/month to meet their requirements. Using income Wizard, we found a policy with guaranteed withdrawals of $1,700/month for a premium of $245,000.00, leaving them an additional $55,000 in assets."


Variable Annuities Are Neglected Assets

By Milind Lele

The author says many financial professionals are ignoring a potential gold mine.. Click here to see detail


In the scramble for new business, too many advisors and broker/dealers are ignoring a giant asset right in their backyard: their portfolio of variable annuity (VA) contracts. A successful advisor who made 20 to 30 VA sales over the past decade will have a portfolio of 150 to 300 contracts and could generate $20,000+ a year in additional income. Multiply that by 10x to 30x for a broker/dealer. Yet few advisors or broker/ dealers are interested.



Income Wizard utilizes the rules built into each product and related income rider to determine the GMI — guaranteed monthly income in dollars/month — for a given client’s sex, age, age at first withdrawal, policy (single/joint) and so forth. GMI represents the guaranteed minimum income a given client will receive from that policy.

Projected Income

Income Wizard utilizes different scenarios to project likely growth of the cash value of the client’s premium (after all fees) and uses these projections to calculate changes in the benefit base and projected income. The results are presented in tables and charts detailing how cash value, benefit base, and projected income change over time.

Tradeoff Analysis

Income Wizard enables advisors to compare different products with similar GMIs (guaranteed monthly payments) and examine tradeoffs between investment risks and projected returns. It provides advisors with tools to create an ‘efficient frontier’ showing their clients how much risk they would be assuming in pursuit of higher projected income vs. a (potentially lower) guaranteed payment.